A P P L E  P I E - 1 0

D E V I L E D  E G G S -1 0

L U X  E G G R O L L S - 1 5  

L U X  C R A B  C A K E S - 1 5

L U X  E M P A N A D A S - 1 5  

S H R I M P  M A R T I N I  - 1 5  


At truth we are  passionate about providing our guests delicious food that is responsibly grown and sourced from the organic and flavorful product for us to showcase.


Majority of our products are from the Hudson valley, and we ask for you to join our community to local ingredients and the practices that we preach. We suspect there may be some items on the menu that you have never experienced, or even heard of before. With that in mind, we strongly encourage you to be adventurous, to ask questions and be curious, with an eye to ordering something new and different. If you do not care for the dish we will happily replace it with something else. We operate on a rotating menu.  Allowing our chefs & mixologist 100% freedom and creativity.  Each chef is delivering there love and passion into each dish, because they create the menus.  


Thank you for supporting our philosophy and values, and for participating in our community. We look forward to serving you again soon.